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WiFi Will Change The Future

Nowadays,WiFi seems to be a hot topic.Then what is the definition of WiFi?
Wi-Fi, which refers to wireless fidelity- the constant transmissions of broadband videos and information of multi-media, once made an appearance in a not so well-known play on the term Hi-Fi, is a hot and popular wireless networking technology which has been used all around the world. To put it simply, it attaches data equipment with wireless network transmissions. More than seven-hundred million people have been using the service of Wi-Fi . There are much more than four million places with the connectivity of Wi-Fi Internet,in other words, hotspots across the globe, and roughly 800 million newly produced Wi-Fi devices are purchased yearly. At the time of 2008, over three hundred Wi-Fi projects had been developed. By the year of 2010 ,there are 1150 providers of wireless Internet service, which based on the wifi technology in the Czech Republic .WiFi is a high level of technology which is developed to appeal to the futur's lightweight computing systems, which are movable and made to consume the lowest power. Smartphones, notebook computers, and a variety o f accessories are created to be compatible with WiFi. Some phone providers aim to design phones that would change faultlessly from cellular networks to WiFi networks with none of the calls dropped.
According to the current trend,WiFi will more or less change the world.Let us take a look at some examples of how WiFi technology could influence the entire world.If WiFi exist here and there in your town or city , you could expect many things and here comes the examples. Business owners could stream and receive every kind of high bandwidth video and information of multi-media to and from every place throughout the globe with no modems or cables linking them to the Internet service.That is to say, they could certainly have total freedom to use the particular two-way transference of commercial data.
Every one of the people in your town or city could get rid of their modems or stop their cable contracts. This suggests that anyone that has a laptop or computer could surf the Internet from everywhere in the town or city without any troublesome internet connections. By using WiFi, a truck driver could possibly see the screen of a desktop computer in the automobile and figure out which places that require the supply most. The truck driver could then begin to deliver foods and goods based on the logical sequence determined by the demand of the areas.
According to the fact ,we can guess that WiFi Will change the future mainly in three ways.First,the Internet speeds will be faster.The quickest personal Internet speeds presently ranging from 30 Mbps to 50 Mbps .Before long, however, that speed may possibly support to one Gbps. With speeds so high, streaming movies turn out to be the absolutely new fashion ,as a result,download times will be out of history.Second, It will take the place of the mobile phone. Face-time calling has already come true with the help of Wi-Fi. However,the Wi-Fi only phone calls will take place of Wi-Fi assisted phone calls soon.Third,It will help to make wires obsolete.
In a word,WiFi refers to constant wireless network high speed broadband transmission. With the help of broadband ,the government,the enterprise and other organizations will benifit a lot ,and so is the individual.The future world will become much different and fantastic than the modern world .