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What is 4G?

When mention about 4G, we may curious about what is 4G Technology.In telecommunications, 4G is short for Fourth (4th) Generation Technology,in other words,it is the fourth generation of cellular wireless standards. Different times of mobile communication can be classified into generations for example ,1G, 2G,and 3G, where every single generation has lots of technologies just like LTE.However, presently,none of us knows the true definition of 4G. In 2009, the IMT-Advanced (International Mobile Telecommunications Advanced) requirements for 4G standards was made by the ITU-R organization,including top speed requirements for 4G service at 100 Mbit/s for high mobility communication and 1 Gbit/s for low mobility communication.ITU (International Telecommunication Union) regards LTE-Advanced as the authentic 4G standard, at the same time,it also welcomes LTE as a 4G standard. 4G technologies for instance mobile WiMAX has been available for sale since 2006.It is in December 2010 that the ITU declared that WiMax, LTE, and HSPA+ fall into 4G technologies. What we expect for the 4G technology is generally the excellent quality of audio/video streaming over end to end Internet Protocol. Once the Internet Protocol (IP) multimedia sub-system movement accomplishes what it is about to do, absolutely nothing of this possibly will concern. After fantastic implementation, 4G technology is most likely to make it possible for common computing, that will also links to many top date speed networks and affords perfect handoffs everywhere in the geographical regions.
A lot of network operators tend to make use of technologies,for instance,wire free mesh networks as well as cognitive radio network to make sure secure and protected connection & competently allocates equally both network traffic and bandwidth.
Many smart phone handsets operators take advantage of 4G technologies,either. 4G smart phone handsets can be found in many world well-known brands,such as Motorola,LG,Samsung and HTC. A majority of them working with Android Operating System. And by way of  Android Current market, you can have easy access to a huge number of practical functions, widgets, and entertaining computer games to down load on your mobile phone, with the help of numerous extra applications currently being increased nearly every day.Take LG Revolution 4G Android Phone as an example.This kind of phone,not to mention about its Android Operating System, it draws the public’s attention with Swype keyboard and Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Network.With Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Network,you can download games in seconds and a film in minutes.That is to say, with it you can experience much better upload and download speed than that of 3G networks.Those surprising speeds make it sure for you to stream films freely,without the trouble of frequent pauses when buffer the stream of video.In addition,you will be glad to download a favorite song in about four seconds as well as upload your beautiful photos to your qq zone, or any other social networking site in no more than six seconds.There comes another example,that is the Galaxy S 4G which comes into market in May,2011.It is of Android 2.2 Operating System.Its main features,including 4G speeds of Internet surfing,downloading as well as uploading,fluent video chats out of buffering, and 1.0GHz processor to accelerating multitasking. Recently the Galaxy S 4G is available in the market and designed with a highly effective 1.0GHz processor to maintain all of your apps and programs working normally. With the combinations of this kind of  processing power as fast as lightning and T-Mobile's 4G network, you will get a mobile phone which is as fast as it is smart. Why not begin your amusement experience with your Galaxy S 4G to pre-loaded the latest hot films on a microSD to get prepared for instant viewing .