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RFID Introduction

RFID,which is the abbreviation of Radio-Frequency IDentification is of great importance and use in our modern society. RFID is a kind of electronic devices that is made of a chip which is not big and an antenna. RFID requires the chip a maximum capacity of two thousands of bytes of date.
The RFID device is made to have the same purpose with the a magnetic strip of a automatic teller machine card ,that is ATM card.What's more, RFID device has no choice but to be scanned in orde to gain the identifying information.
Though, RFID tags and barcodes both serve to the same purpose of carrying information of products.It seems that RFID is superior to Barcodes in several aspects.First and foremost,RFID device can be placed around the scanner instead of beening placed precisely relative to it. A barcode sometimes can not be read just because it is positioned not in the exact place.In addition, RFID tags are able to be read at a much longer distances and an RFID reader can work properly even if it is up to three hundred feet away from the tag.In contrast, the distance to read a barcode is far less, typically less than fifteen feet.Last but not least, RFID tags is not only a read device but also a write device.Consumers of RFID have the chance to communicate with each other by using the tag and to change information as much as they can,since the tag design permits it to happen.
 Then does RFID work? RFID is usually made up of three parts: the RFID tag,which is also called a transponder, a transceiver which is used to interpret the data, a scanning antenna. The scanning antenna which could be always positioned to a surface  offers us radio-frequency signals to achieve two thing: one thing is ,it enabled us to communicate with the RFID tag,the other thing is that the RF radiation supply the Radio-Frequency IDentification tag with energy to communicate. RFID tags,sometimes can function well without batteries and it can be usable even if it is a long period of time.
Now,everything has its own advantages and disadvantages.Now, there are some shortcomings of RFID.First and formost,the public are easy to get confused with RFID Standards for RFID was implemented in various ways and was managed by at least one manufacturer and the global standards is not completed.Secondly, RFID systems has the risk of being disrupted easily. Since the electromagnetic spectrum was used in RFID systems, it usually happens that RFID systems are not difficult to jam while making use of the right frequency.Third, there are RFID reader collisions.When there are signals coming from 2 or more than 2 readers overlap,there will comes the RFID reader collisions.Then tag will have no response to simultaneous  queries. Last but no least,tag collision are easy to occur when too many tags are placed in one small area.However,it is not so difficult to slove this problem for the read speed is very quick,and vendors will develop systems to make it possible for tags to respond one at a time.