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Patch antenna overview

Antenna is a Latin word,with the meaning of sail yard.Nowadays,it is a kind of device used for sending or receiving signals. Antennas are of various types, categorized by frequency, location, style and so forth. Antennas types in our modern society can be applied to distinguish antennas for radio,tv and radar systems.One of the radio antennas is patch antenna,which is also called rectangular microstrip antenna and is the primary type of microstrip antenna. It contains an important smooth rectangle-shaped piece or maybe "patch" of metal, and it is fixed on a larger piece of metal known as a ground plane.
Now,let us talk about patch antennas covering subjects including: the basic qualities of patch antennas by making use of the simple and easy rectangle-shaped patch, radiation pattern, and related aspects,such as bandwidth. Compared with other antennas,it impressed us greatly for it is easy to carry, economical, and convenient to incorporate with accompanying electronic products.What’s more, It is not difficult for us to fabricate, modify and customize the patch antenna.Then there comes the radiation patterns of the patch antenna.The patch antenna owns some far-field patterns of radiation.From the radiation pattens we get the information that the antenna radiates much more electrical power in some direction than another direction.In other words, the antenna is believed to contain specific directivity which is generally mentioned in dB.And we can easily derive the estimation of the antenna’s predicted directivity.A 3dB directivity is often referred to as a best front-to-back ratio.In practical situations,this kind of front-to-back ratio is seriously reliant on the size and shape of ground-plane.When there are two slots,we can add another 3 dB.The slots are usually as long as the patch’s impedance width and as wide as the patch’s substrate height. This sort of slot normally seems to have a gain of roughly two to three dB which will lead to a whole gain of eight to nine dB.It is known that one of the crucial parameters of antenna is the bandwidth that it can cover. In most occasions,it is only bandwidth that is specified.As for patch antenna,it owns impedance bandwidth,polarization bandwidth ,efficiency bandwidth as well as directivity bandwidth.D irectivity is usually go along with gain bandwidth and so is efficiency.
In October 20, 2009,patch antennas was released by Taoglas,which is a antenna provider coming from San Diego, California. Taoglas also has unveiled its SGP series . Taoglas has taken advantage of the traditional technology of the patch antenna to mount the desired antenna PCB,which is short for printed circuit board,and then presented the actual feed-point outside to one of the sides of the patch without the need of showing the feedline. Due to the fact this kind of antenna is placed onto a PCB, there is certainly no pin protruding. Dermot O'Shea once show his praises for it and in his opinion, for the very first time, the aerial as well as module are able to currently be positioned on exactly the same side of the board,releasing useful real-estate upon lightweight cell products. SGS certification came into being as a result of the SGP antennas for their durablilty and resilience to stand up the temperatures as low as -40 degrees celsius and as high as 105 degrees celsius and for their ability to bear the vibrations of twenty G.
In conclusion,patch antenna is a kind of radio antenna and it is of great importance in our daily life.From the text we get to know the definition,function and basic concepts of the patch antenna.