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LTE Technology

FDD LTE and TDD LTE are actually two varied specifications of LTE 4G Technology .LTE is a wireless technology of high speed from 3GPP standard. 3G growth eventually ends at HSPA+ and mobile providers have actually set about implementing 4G networks to offer far more bandwidth for mobile phone consumers. 4G speed is going to bring us a virtual LAN reality to mobile phone device by supplying quite good speed connection to World wide web to enjoy the real multiple play services including data, voice and video from a mobile network.
There are some differences between FD LTE and TD LTE as follows:
(1) TD LTE require no paired spectrum for the reason that transmit and receive takes place in one channel while in FD LTE , it needs paired spectrum along with various frequencies by using guard band.
(2) TD LTE is more affordable compared to FD LTE because in TD LTE there is no demand of diplexer to separate transmission from receptions.
(3) In TD LTE, its likely to change for better uplink and downlink capacity ratio freely ,however ,in FD LTE capacity is decided by frequency allocation . So it is hard to make effective change.
(4) In TD LTE bigger guard period is essential to preserve the uplink and downlink separation which will have an effect on the capacity while in FD LTE the exact same concept is known as guard band which will not affect the capacity.

Both LTE and LTE Advanced are high speed 4G wireless technologies. LTE and LTE Advanced provide great speed access to Internet similar to FE connection. By using 4G wireless technologies, mobile users can get pleasure from voice calls, video calls and top speed download or upload of any data, and enjoy internet TV in live or on required services.
Below are three difference between LTE and LTE Advanced :
(1) LTE Advanced can backward compatible with LTE while LTE has no possible to backward compatible with LTE Advanced.
(2) Both LTE and LTE Advanced will be forward and backward compatible with each other.
(3) LTE can offer as much as 326 Mbps and LTE Advanced can offer to the maximum of 1200 Mbps (1.2 Gbps).

Telstra LTE (FD-LTE) and Vividwireless LTE (TD-LTE) are two different kinds of LTE technology that will be used in 4G network in Australia . Telstra is going to use its present 2G spectrum (1800MHz) to utilize 4G LTE network with the help of FD-LTE technology. Vividwireless is a quite young company that got into telecommunication industry only one year's ago with the unveiling of its 4G wireless broadband network. VividWireless is broadening its network to the center of CBDs in main cities. Vividwireless has the permit for 70 MHz and 100 MHz of 2.3 GHz and 3.5 GHz spectrum in almost every Australian capital city, except for Hobart and Darwin. It is presently making use of its 2.3 GHz spectrum for the purpose of its WiMAX network in Perth and offering service by using the Huawei USB modem. It has prepared to improve its Wimax network by using TD-LTE technology. It is going to work with Huawei in network implementation. Vividwireless is proud of its download speed of 40-70Mbps and upload speed of 4-7Mbps with its TD-LTE network.
Once 4G is unveiled and if you have at the least 54 Mbits/s (Worst case) download on your phone, on one hand ,you can experience any internet application just like you do in your desktop computers. For instance you can manage Skype, YouTube, IP TV apps, Video on Demand, VoIP Client and so on. On the other hand, you can easily subscribe to any local area numbers to your mobile VoIP client and begin to receive calls on your mobile by means of IP. No matter where you go around 4G coverage or Wi-Fi area you can easily receive calls to your Toronto Number.