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Dipole Antenna in Use

A dipole antenna belongs to a sort of radio antenna, order which contains a simple wire, in which a driven element was fixed. And it has something to do with the 2 major metal conductors who are keeping neck and neck with each other to supply us with rod or wire. When the Heinrich Hertz who is the German physicist, did experiment with radio waves around 1886, he discovered the dipole antenna. In theory, a dipole antenna is actually the simplest practical antennas of all. Traditionally, dipole antenna was once used in  television antennas which looks like the "rabbit ears". What’s more, dipole antenna works in a great range of antennas as the driven element. And Yagi antenna relys on dipole antenna a lot.

There are many kinds of dipole antennas, such as half-wavelength dipole, folded dipole, Hertzian dipole, crossed-dipole antenna and so on. Half-wavelength dipole is a very special case, for every wire is actually the 1/4 of the wavelength and the total wavelength is 1/2 of the wavelength. A folded dipole is well-known as the half-wave dipole, which has a wire connected to its ends of two sides. Hertzian dipole is a very short dipole and Hertzian dipole can not exsit in reality. Crossed-dipole antenna, is a kind of antenna that can be used to reduce clutter and  enforce the GPR serveys. GPR is short of ground penetrating radar. The crossed-dipole antenna can be used to transmit antennas as well as receive antennas. The crossed-dipole antenna is often seen in some areas such as environmental and engineering GPR investigations.However, because of its lackness of sensivity to stratigraphy, it is not so pupolar in the GPR serveys.

Then you may be curious about the way to make a simple dipole antenna. It is not so difficult to make it anyway, for the materials are easy to prepare, all you need are the wire with different lengths, some co-ax cable and lastly, a connector. To begin, connect cut wire to choc block and to the 75 ohm co-ax. Then, choose the right place to hang the antenna so that the very element pointing upwards,when connected to the central part of the co-ax. Lastly, we should make it for sure that there is no mismatch. Instead, by using a balun, the co-ax’s unbalanced impedance should in no way to match with a dipole’s balanced 75ohm impedance.
To make a summary, from the text we get to know the definition of dipole antenna and its different kinds of dipole antennas with various advantages and functions. And from the text,we learn how to make a simple dipole antenna. we also know some background information of dipole antenna for example, it is Heinrich Hertz who invented dipole antenna.