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Cellular Network and Mobile Phone

Nowadays cellular network is on the rise of becoming popular as a result of  the more and more common network coverage and available mobile applications. A cellular network is a kind of radio network which is distributed over cells, and with all cells served by more than one basestation or cell site.Radio coverage can be widely expanded in geographic areas when these cells are jioned together.Under the condition of wide radio coverage make it possible for a lot of portable transceivers such as pagers, cell phones and so forth to communicate with each other freely and with fixed-location transceivers and portable mobile phones everywhere in the net work, by way of base stations,even though part of the transceivers are going through at least one cell during the transmission.
Among examples of a cellular network,a mobile phone net work is the most common one. In fact,the up-goning popularity of portable devices for example smartphones has made date cellulr network experienced huge growth in present years.A mobile phone makes calls as well as receive calls by means of base station or transmitting tower. Radio waves also play a important role in transfering signals to and from the cell phone. Mobile phone operators have great interest in cellular networks for it helps them to increase their subscibers not only in coverage but also in capacity.And the increasing coverage and capacity,in turn,produce a great wave of mobile applications covering from small applications such as gaming and video to large applications for example the social networking.
Now,please pay attention to the basic structure of the cellphone cellular network . Simply, the basic structure of the cellphone cellular network are as follows:the base station subsystem, the public switched telephone network, the packet switched network,and the core circuit switched network.With these networks,the telephone can manage both voice calls and text, mobile data well.Yet, subscribers will get access to a wider telephony network by using the public switched telephone network. This kind of cellular mobile-radio network actually is the foundation of the GSM system network.Because of the GSM system network,mobile phone users can enjoy what they expected for the mobile phone,for instance,the service of mobility management, call set up and handover.
The networks managed by cellular providers is no longer only focus on cell phone any more. Cellular providers have tried their best to make full use of the networks.For example, wireless connections for notebook computers and even desktop systems can be achieved via modern 3G and 4G networks and with the help of Global System for Mobile Communications modems or Code Division Multiple Access modems, along with cards and built-in chips and it is also ok by connecting to the MiFi , which is a kind of mobile hotspot device.You can also enjoy the Internet connection by connecting your computer to your mobile phone, via a USB cable or the internally installed “mobile hotspot” capabilities of the phone.