ZDA Communications is a Manufacturer and Distributor delivers quality wireless antennas at affordable price
Our Wireless Antennas are used for Cell Phone signal boosting, Wi-Fi, LTE 4G, Wireless network applications

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Used for indoor and outdoor applications, ZDA Communications' wireless antennas stand out from other competitors due to our relatively small size, light weight and excellent ability against high or low temperature, strong wind or excessive moisture or humidity. Antenna redome is manufactured with non-metal containing fiberglass. Because its Expansion coefficient is identical to reflect panel, the combined unit provides strong water resistant capability and could be used in all sorts of environmental and climate challenges.

Each of our antennas is tested for Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR), intermodulation, and isolation properties before their packing.

Wireless antenna quality control strictly follows ISO9001 standards at our factory.

Based on many years of our own testing and customer feed back, our antennas have a life expectance up to 10 years or more in normal operating conditions.

The process of our inspections and tests for our productions :
The Inspection Of incoming Material ---> The Inspection Of elements production ---> The test Of The Electrical Performance---> The Inspection Of The Appearance ---> The Inspection Before Delivery.