ZDA Communications is a Manufacturer and Distributor delivers quality wireless antennas at affordable price
Our Wireless Antennas are used for Cell Phone signal boosting, Wi-Fi, LTE 4G, Wireless network applications

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2.6 GHz Antenna


ZDA Communications's 2.6 GHz Antenna series cover 2500-2700 MHz band applications for IEEE 802.16 and 802.20 WiMAX Technology such as Sprint /Clearwire 4G WiMax, Europe LTE, Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP), 2.6 GHz MMDS Band, Point to Point & Point to Multi-point System, Clearwire wireless internet application.

ZDA Communications' 2.6 GHz Antenna line including: Parabolic dish, Fiberglass omnidirectional, Rubber Duck style antenna, Sector, Patch, Enclosure panel Antenna series.

Specifically for Clear Hub Express Modem connection, customer needs to turn on the antenna enable on the modem, and you will need an adaptor from N-female to RP-SMA male.  we also provide the cable assembly, with LMR 400 cable from N-male to N-male, or any other connector type.  In addtion, we have the adapters available for you to choose.

By providing competitive quantity discount pricing and top-notch application support, ZDA Communications is a worldwide OEM supplier of 2.6 GHz Antenna. ZDA Communications offers OEM cost-effective, high-quality, reliable 2.6 GHz Antenna products and experienced technical support to help get their products to market quickly and keep their products more competitive.